Home CCTV in Singapore – How to Choose the Right Security System for Your Home

Home CCTV in Singapore – How to Choose
the Right Security System for Your Home
Investing in a CCTV system for your home has many benefits. CCTV cameras can not only
monitor your property, but can also act as deterrents to crime. In addition to deterring crime,
surveillance footage can serve as video proof in case of neighbour disputes or criminal activities.
CCTV systems are also common to find inside homes. They can help protect children, elderly
parents, and pets from harm cctv singapore. In some cases, CCTV systems can be used to bring civil
proceedings against violators, which can result in civil liability.

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IP based CCTV cameras
When it comes to security for your home, IP based CCTV cameras are the most effective. IP
cameras transmit data via a cable network or wireless internet, which allows the system to be
remotely monitored surveillance camera singapore. The video images from these cameras are compressed before being
stored. You can even access the video footage through your mobile device. This type of security
camera is highly effective for homes, as it records video and can be placed anywhere in the
home. Besides providing continuous surveillance, IP cameras are also easy to install. They can
be mounted on ceilings and walls and can provide protection for elderly people.
Pan and tilt viewing
A home CCTV in Singapore with pan and tilt viewing is a good investment, but not all cameras
come with this feature. While most home cctvs in Singapore come with wide-angle coverage,
you should make sure that the camera you choose has pan and tilt capabilities to give you the
most comprehensive coverage. Also, keep in mind that not all cameras come with high-definition
quality, so make sure to choose a product with a minimum 5 meter range.

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Wide-angle coverage
The best home CCTV in Singapore will have wide-angle coverage, and the range of these
cameras should be at least five meters. Choosing the right camera for your needs will be easier
if you know what to look for. There are a few different kinds of cameras on the market. You may
want a camera with a wide field of view, if you want to monitor multiple rooms at once, or a more
narrow angle, if you’re concerned about possible intruders.
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Installation cost

If you’re looking to protect your home, then consider installing a CCTV surveillance system. Not
only will a CCTV camera give you peace of mind, but it can also serve as video proof if you have
a neighbour dispute or want to prosecute someone for a crime. Besides being an effective
deterrent to criminal activity, a CCTV can help protect your loved ones, family pets, and valuable