How To Set The Table?

The act of eating is a basic need not only of humans, but the art with which we feed ourselves is only a characteristic of the human species. There are many rituals that we follow to put a bite of food in our mouths, we are social beings and we have gradually created different ways of feeding ourselves. Since the appearance of the fire, we put raw foods aside, we began to cook them all and then to perfect each dish until we reached the most varied and delicious recipes today. Around this, we changed the ways of eating our food, we could imagine that at the beginning of our species the dishes were stone bowls that were served without any care or hygiene, but like everything else, this has also changed over time. years. The utensils have been perfected and adorned, today we enjoy a great variety of utensils called tableware, with many accessories. Each of these accessories plays a fundamental role in your table, each with its function and all following the objective of making your meals more pleasant. The improvement has not only been for objects, it has also been like this for attitudes, in this case, the ways of eating.

In the same way that we were perfecting the cooking of our food and creating the most exquisite ways of presenting it, the table requires some provisions. For many people, setting the table correctly is an art. When we talk about setting the table correctly, we not only refer to putting a large group of utensils in the right place, but, depending on the occasion, you should know how to place the table and what should not be missing from it. There are basic rules to set the table, rules that pursue much more than an ornate table, they are rules that also help us to maintain proper behavior at meals with guests and this is really very important. Some people do not give the least importance to having a well placed table, especially in day to day, this is a mistake, Well, setting the table guarantees comfort and not having to constantly get up during the meal. If you are one of the people who does not set the table, that is, you serve yourself on the plate, grab a silverware and sit at the table, surely on many occasions you have left something behind and have had to get up in the middle of the meal. It is one of the simplest reasons why it is a good idea to place the table at all times regardless of the occasion, so you must be clear that each occasion requires special characteristics.